A2A (Account 2 Account) is an external online money transfer. This service allows you to send money online between Pinnacle and any other financial institution that you have an account with. 


  • Setting up an A2A is simple and easy. We will need the routing number and account number of the other institution that you belong to. After that, we will need a quick signature to authorize the set-up and then you are ready to go! Email us to sign using edocuments or mail in a printed form with your signature.

  • Once a Pinnacle representative has set up your account information from the other institution, you will see the option to transfer in your online banking. Follow these quick and easy steps:

    1. Log into online banking
    2. Go to the “Pay & Transfer” tab and click the “Transfer Money” button.
    3. Select “Right Away” or pick a different option to set up automatic transfers. (**notice all A2A transfers can take up to 5 business days to process)
    4. Select where you are getting the funds from and where you want to send the funds.
    5. Type in the amount you want to transfer and hit the “Continue With Transfer” button.
    6. Verify everything is correct and select the “Authorize Transfer” button.
    7. Check back in a couple of days to see your transfer completed!

Call 404-888-1648 ext 7 for more details.