• You’re never too young to start saving! Whatever your kids fantastic future looks like, we can help them get there! Teach your kid how to save and the value of a dollar. Let them open an account and watch their funds grow over time with a special interest rate!

  • Make your money work harder for you. Money markets are a great way to earn dividends on your savings and the account doesn’t lock you into a fixed rate or long-term commitment. You’ll also have the convenience of writing checks or access those funds with an ATM card. The only requirement is to keep $1,000 in the money market to keep earning your dividends. With the money market, you’ll get better rates and exceptional service.

  • What does IRA stand for? Individual retirement account. But don’t wait until you are close to retirement age before you start saving for your future.

    Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

    Traditional Roth
    Tax Advantage Tax-Deferred Earnings Tax-Free Distributions
    Tax Deductibility Contributions are deductible up to maximum allowable annual amount Contributions are not deductible
    Taxes on Withdrawals Ordinary income tax on earnings and deductible contributions Distributions from contributors are tax-free. Distributions from earnings are tax-free later of 5 years and age 59½
    Required Withdrawals After age 70½ None
  • Start putting aside money so that you are ready for medical expenses that could occur in the future. A HSA allows you to deduct from your gross income to help with your taxes each year.

    • Earnings are tax-deferred or tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses
    • Qualified medical expenses paid with pre-tax dollars
    • Balances carry over year-to-year
    • Starting at age 65, unused funds may be used as taxable retirement income
  • We know that educating your kids and the next generation is an important task. An ESA can be a great savings solution with the sole purpose of helping you pay for your student’s education expenses in the future. That includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, laptops, etc. Your student won’t owe tax on any distribution from the account if it’s equal to or less than his or her qualified education expenses. Contributions aren’t tax-deductible, but they can earn tax-deferred interest until they’re disbursed.

  • The holidays can be stressful between figuring out how to purchase gifts, travel to see family and cook up the mouth watering holiday dinner. Cut down on stress and start saving today. Set up automatic transfers monthly, watch the account grow and have access to the funds on November 1st. You’ll cut down on stress and stop maxing out your credit cards during the holidays.