Pinnacle offers free eStatements that allows you to quickly and easily view your monthly or quarterly statements. All eStatements can be found in online banking under the my documents tab.

  • To sign up for eStatements, follow these easy steps:

    1. Login to online banking.
    2. Go to “My Documents” tab and click on “eStatement Options”.
    3. Read the disclosure and if you are interested in signing up for eStatements type in your email address.
    4. Hit the “Accept” button and you’re all done!
  • How do I view my eStatements?

    • Log into online banking and navigate to the “My Documents” tab. From their click the “Go To eStatements” button and search through your statements.

    Will my statements be sent to my email?

    • No. Every month you will receive an email notification that your statements are ready to view in online banking.

    How often will I receive eStatements?

    • You will receive statements quarterly if you only have a savings account. If you have a checking, money market, and other accounts you will receive statements monthly.

    Are eStatements secure?

    • Absolutely. Your privacy and security is the top priority of Pinnacle Credit Union.

    When will I receive my eStatements?

    • You should receive your statement by the 5th of every month.