Fee Schedule

Effective as of 3/1/2019

Share Savings Account

Excessive Withdrawal Fee

$5.00 per withdrawal after three (3) withdrawals per month

Closed Membership Fee (within first 90 days)

$5.00 per account

Returned Mail Fee (due to incorrect address)

$5.00 per month

Share Savings Holiday Club Account

Early Withdrawal Fee

$10.00 per withdrawal

Share Draft Checking Account

Overdraft Protection Fee**

$35.00 per item

Share Draft Repost Fee


Process Returned Payments

$30.00 per item

Process Returned Deposits

$30.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee

$30.00 per request

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (eBill Pay) NSF Fee

$30.00 per item*

Check Ordering

Prices may vary depending upon style

Counter Checks Fee

$1.20 per 4 checks

ACH Stop Payment Fee

$20.00 per request

Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee

$10.00 per transfer

* this fee will be assessed in addition to the Share Draft/Checking NSF Fee
** fee applies when overdraft is created by check, ACH debit, ATM withdrawal, debit card withdrawal, or other electronic means

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Balance Share Draft/Research Fee

$25.00 per hour

Statement Copy Fee

$5.00 per month

Cashier/Corporate Check

$4.00 per check

Money Order

$3.00 per money order

International Wire Transfer

$50.00 per transfer

Domestic Wire Transfer

$15.00 per transfer

Inactive Account Fee

$5.00 per month

Abandon Property Fee


Telephone Transfer Fee

$2.00 per transfer

Telephone Balance Fee

$2.00 per call

Payroll Check Cashing Fee

$10.00 per check (members without checking account)

Account Verification Fee

$20.00 per verification

Copy of Paid Check Fee

$5.00 per check copy

ATM/Debit Card Reorder Fee

$10.00 per card

Cash Advance/Loan Payments via card under $200

$5.00 per transaction

Cash Advance/Loan Payments via card over $200

$10.00 per transaction

Overnight/Expedited Shipments

$50.00 or more per shipment

Nonproprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee

$1.00 per transaction

Processing garnishments & levies


Loan Skip (Skip-a-pay)

$35.00 per skip

Non-member notary fee


Account to Account (A2A) outgoing transfer

$2.00 per transfer


$35.00 per NSF

Safe Deposit Box Fees(Annual Rental) - Safe deposit box contents are not federally insured by the NCUA.









Drilling Safe Deposit Box

$200.00 per box

Credit Union Membership

Membership Share

$5.00 par value