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When your budget is tight, it’s hard to really enjoy yourself. That’s why Pinnacle Credit Union is offering a special skip-a-payment plan.

If you have a loan with us and it’s in good standing, you can simply skip a monthly payment! You may choose one month to skip your payments (June, July or August), and pay a small processing fee of $35 per loan. The processing fee will be added to the loan.  Then use the money for whatever you like.

Please note that this offer does not apply to real estate loans or land loans. The payment you skip will be added to the end of your loan term, and normal interest charges will continue to add up.

Happiness is within your reach, with Pinnacle Credit Union on your side. To apply for this special skip-a-payment, complete the coupon below and return to the phone number or address listed below. Contact us today!

Skip-A-Payment Coupon



Member Number


Email Address for Notification





Select the month you want to skip June    July August



Please complete this coupon, print and fax to 404-888-1622 or mail to Pinnacle Credit Union 536 North Ave. N.E. Atlanta, Ga.  30308  Attn: Payment Holiday


*To be eligible for the payment skip, loans must be current. The $35 loan payment holiday fee will increase the finance charge for the month that it is added. Only three (3) monthly payment skips will be granted on vehicle loans for the life of the loan. All loans must be current to receive the payment holiday.










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