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In today’s fast paced world, it’s necessary to have access to all the conveniences for your checking account. Easy check reorders. Convenient ATM card. Online banking. And much more!

With a Pinnacle CU Premium checking account, you will:

Sometimes the Classics work best and Pinnacle Credit Union has the checking account just for you!

With a Classic Checking** account, you will:

To qualify:

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Check Holds: Pinnacle Credit Union will place holds on checks over $200 deposited on any one day. $200 will be available the next business day. For paychecks, tax returns checks, or insurance checks please provide proof and documentation of the authenticity of the check to have funds available.

Exceptions: Pinnacle Credit Union may place an extended hold on any check at our discretion, including cashier's, teller's or government checks. Any check type may be subject to an extended hold. $200 will be available the next business day, and the remaining funds are generally available by the 7th business day after the deposit is made.

* APY-Annual Percentage Yield.