Debit Cards

Stop using your checkbook, and start using your debit MasterCard®. It's quick, easy, and safer than handling cash. With your debit card you have instant access to your checking account and can stay up-to-date on your current balance with a quick look at your phone. Plus, you can access thousands of ATMs across the country free of charge. With your debit card you get superior levels of:

Protection - Using your MasterCard® Debit Card is safer than carrying a lot of cash, which can be easily lost or stolen. In addition to all of Pinnacle's cards being monitored 24/7 for the possibility of fraud, your MasterCard® Debit Card comes with "Zero Liability" protection against unauthorized purchases1. You pay only for purchases you authorize on your card.

Control - You get better financial control since every purchase is listed on your monthly checking account statement for easy record keeping; plus, you can use our online or mobile banking service to view your account statement that is updated daily to help you better manage your budget.

Great Benefits - Wherever you are you can benefit from premier shopping and security benefits. Detailed information about these benefits will be enclosed with your new card:

MasterCard Global Service™    Price Protection*
Extended Warranty Insurance*   Satisfaction Guarantee*

My Mobile Money App

With your new MasterCard comes better protection. Download the "My Mobile Money" app on your phone to have control over your card.
From this app you can:

• Turn on/off the card.
• Only allow the card to work when your phone is nearby.
• Get notifications when you have hit your own spending limit.
• Recent transaction history.
• Locate the nearest FREE ATM and so much more!

For a reference guide on how to best utilize the app, click here.


To search for the closest ATM to your location that is free of charge please search the MoneyPass ATMs and the CU24 ATMs. You can also download the MoneyPass mobile app and the CU24 ATM Locator to quickly search on your phone.

How to Activate Your Debit Card

Once you receive your debit card, please call (800)-448-8268 to activate your card. You will be asked a series of security questions to verify the card holder and then asked for the last four digits of the account. The account number is the last digit of the member number and then the 3 digit suffix number. For example, if your account number was 12345 and the checking account was 987, then you would enter 5987. The suffix number can be found on your statements, in online banking, or in the mobile app.

Switching from VISA® to MasterCard®

Starting July 17, 2017, all VISA® ATM and Debit cards will no longer be accessible. All members will recieve a new debit MasterCard® by July 10, 2017 so be on the lookout in your mailbox! If you do not receive your card by that date please contact us. On your new debit card will be instructions on how to activate the card and create your own PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you replacing my existing card with a MasterCard® card?
A: We've partnered with MasterCard® to serve you better. Your replacement card will allow us to provide you with uninterrupted service as we work with MasterCard® to enhance the benefits and services available to you as a valued Credit Union member.

Q: How do I use my new card to pay for purchases?
A: You just present your card and sign the receipt, or enter your PIN, and the purchase amount will be deducted from your checking account. Your card can get you out of checkout lines faster because you won’t have to wait for check approvals, and every purchase will be listed on your checking account statement and online banking statement for easy record keeping.

Q: Where can I use my new card?
A: Your new card offers acceptance for purchases at millions of places where Debit MasterCard® is accepted, including restaurants, gas stations, doctors’ offices, department stores, home improvement stores, online merchants, and more.

Q: What other benefits will I enjoy?
A: “Zero Liability” protection against unauthorized purchases1. In the event that your card is used to make unauthorized purchases—whether made in a store, by phone or online—you won’t be held liable.

Q: Will my PIN remain the same?
A: No. You will have to set up a new PIN when you call to activate your new card. You can also change your PIN whenever you wish by calling the number on the back of your Debit MasterCard®.

Q: What should I do about the charges automatically billed to my old card?
A: You must provide your new card number to companies (like online service providers, utility bills, insurance companies, or phone bills) that automatically charge your card.

Q: So what do I do now?
A: Watch for your new Pinnacle Credit Union MasterCard® Debit Card to arrive in the mail. Then activate your new card immediately and begin using it wherever MasterCard® cards are accepted. It's that easy!

Lost or stolen card replacement
No matter where you are, near or far, if your card is lost or stolen you can simply call 866-842-5208

1 Certain restrictions apply. See for more details.
* Certain restrictions apply. Please see reverse or call 1-800-MasterCard for full details.