Loan Rates

The Annual Percentage Rates*, and corresponding Daily Periodic Rate for each loan sub-account are shown below. The amount and due date of payments will be determined at the time of each advance and disclosed on the Advance Request Voucher. Rates are subject to change, please contact the Loan Department at 1-800-876-8887 for current rates, or if you have additional questions.

Sub Account Description

Daily Periodic Rate

Annual Percentage Rate

Vehicles ($30,000 min. for 84 month term)

Approx. 0-84 months

0.00682191% - 0.04723287%

1.99% - 17.24%

Boats (61 mos. to 180 mos. on boats valued more than $25,000)

Approx. 0-120 months

0.01369863% - 0.04931506%

4.00% - 18.00%

Recreational Vehicles (approx. 60 mos. only on loan amounts of $12,000 or more)

Approx. 0-120 months

0.01369863% - 0.04931506%

5.00% - 18.00%

Motorcycles (approx. 60 mos. only on loan amounts of $12,000 or more)

Approx. 0-72 months

0.01369863% - 0.04931506%

2.49% - 18.00%

Share Secured Advances

Approx. 0-12 months

5% Above rate


Approx. 13-60 months

3% Above rate


Share Secured Advances C.D.'s(minimum deposit of $1,000)

Approx. 0-12 months

5% Above rate


Approx. 13-60 months

3% Above rate


Term Advances

Approx. 0-60 months

0.02328767% - 0.04931506%

8.50% - 18.00%

Revolving Credit Advances


0.0369863% - 0.04931506%

13.50% - 18.00%

Home Equity loans

For current interest rates on our home equity loans, please contact our loan department at 404-888-1648.

All loans are secured by any property specifically pledged and shares on deposit with the credit union. In addition, ALL loans are cross-collateralized by all property and shares pledged to secure any loan or advance. For example, a car pledged to secure a New Car loan will also secure a personal loan. Cross-collateralization does not apply to your home, any Keogh or IRA accounts with us, or to property defined as household goods under Regulation AA or 12 CFR 706.

Actual loan rate will be based upon the borrower’(s) credit worthiness and conditions that apply.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  All Pinnacle Credit Union loans are subject to income and identification verification and credit approval.  Contact the Credit Union for full details on the rates, terms, fees and conditions that may apply.

SKIP PAYMENT: You may omit making your December payment as promoted annually. Other Skip Pay promotions may be offered during similar months. You must complete a Skip Payment coupon to receive this offer. Loans must be current to qualify. The skip payment fee is $35.00 for the Skip -A-Payment Promotion. The fee will increase the finance charge for the month that it is added. You may skip other months other than the promotion periods by making your request in writing. Finance charges (interest) will continue to accrue during those months skipped. Maximum number of skips for Auto loans is 3.

LATE CHARGES: For payments 15 days or more past due, a late charge or 5% installment due will be charged, minimum of $5.00.

COLLECTION COSTS: You promise to pay all costs of collecting the amount owed under this agreement including court costs and reasonable attorney fees not in the excess of 15% of the unpaid debt.

FILING FEE: You will be charged a filing fee at the time of the advance if the credit union takes a security interest in your collateral. The amount of the fee is based on the fee required by state law for the credit union to obtain a lien of your property. The amount of the fee will be disclosed on the voucher.

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